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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Dharwad Pincode / Post Office Search (Dharwad, Karnataka)

Amminabhavi S.O 581201DharwadKarnataka
Aravatagi B.O 580007DharwadKarnataka
Benachi B.O 581103DharwadKarnataka
Dharwad City S.O 580001DharwadKarnataka
Dharwad Farm B.O 580007DharwadKarnataka
Dharwad Gtc B.O 580007DharwadKarnataka
Dharwad H.O 580001DharwadKarnataka
Dharwad K V V S.O 580003DharwadKarnataka
Dharwad R S S.O 580007DharwadKarnataka
Dharwad U A S S.O 580005DharwadKarnataka
Garag S.O 581105DharwadKarnataka
Halligeri B.O 580118DharwadKarnataka
Harobelvadi B.O 581201DharwadKarnataka
Hebballi B.O 580112DharwadKarnataka
Honnapur B.O 580007DharwadKarnataka
Kabbenur B.O 581201DharwadKarnataka
Kadabagatti B.O 581103DharwadKarnataka
Kalkeri B.O 580007DharwadKarnataka
Kallur B.O 581206DharwadKarnataka
Kambarganavi B.O 580007DharwadKarnataka
Karadigudda B.O 581201DharwadKarnataka
Kavalgeri B.O 580006DharwadKarnataka
Kelageri B.O 580007DharwadKarnataka
Kotabagi B.O 581105DharwadKarnataka
Kotur B.O 580011DharwadKarnataka
Kurabagatti B.O 581105DharwadKarnataka
Kyarakoppa B.O 580007DharwadKarnataka
Lokur B.O 581206DharwadKarnataka
Madhanabhavi B.O 581105DharwadKarnataka
Managundi B.O 580007DharwadKarnataka
Maradagi B.O 580112DharwadKarnataka
Marewad B.O 581201DharwadKarnataka
Mugad B.O 580007DharwadKarnataka
Mummigatti B.O 580011DharwadKarnataka
Narendra B.O 580005DharwadKarnataka
Navalur B.O 580009DharwadKarnataka
Nigadi B.O 580118DharwadKarnataka
Pudakalakatti B.O 581206DharwadKarnataka
Ramapur B.O 580007DharwadKarnataka
Rayapur B.O 580009DharwadKarnataka
Sadhankeri B.O 580007DharwadKarnataka
Salakinkoppa B.O 580118DharwadKarnataka
Shinganalli B.O 580011DharwadKarnataka
Shivalli B.O 580112DharwadKarnataka
Tadakod B.O 581105DharwadKarnataka
Tegur B.O 580011DharwadKarnataka
Yadwad B.O 581206DharwadKarnataka
Yerikoppa B.O 580114DharwadKarnataka